Thursday, January 8, 2009



I'm going to have a baby in two weeks. Shouldn't I be nervous, or panicky? Shouldn't I be running around like a chicken with her head cut off?

I think I'm too tired for that.

Seriously I do think I need to be doing some cooking. I should be preparing a few meals for the first few days back from the hospital but I just don't have the energy. I did that with Maya. Made a few single portion lasagnas and something else, but I just haven't gotten around to worrying about that this time. I figure the food fairy will provide.....right?

I also need to be cleaning. Oy, the dust! I know by the time I'm up and around after the baby comes it's going to be double the dust! LOL. I keep thinking I'll pick one task per day and get that accomplished but it seems like each day has a new twist and turn. Something throws me off...and then all I want to do is rest. PLUS, I can't bend over very well, so the places where dust accumulates the most - lower shelves and baseboards just aren't going to happen.

Chasing a 14 month old and expecting a baby is hard work.

Our church is having a little shower for us on Sunday. I'm excited. We really don't expect much since Maya is so young and there isn't much that we need. We're passing down so much of what she already has and they will both use several things together. Reguardless, we are tickled that our church wanted to do this for us and we love them for it!

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  1. Just relax and enjoy the one on one time you have with Maya! Don't worry about the meals, cleaning, etc. It all come together! In fact, you'll probably get a big ol' burst of energy a day or two before you have him! That's nice you're having a shower...even though you have lots of items from always need DIAPERS, WIPES, onesies!