Tuesday, January 13, 2009

False Labor

False Labor stinks!

Last night around 8 pm I started feeling no-so-great. I was having some mild contractions that weren't hurting so much just really uncomfortable. Tight - tight - tight. My abs also felt like the day after you do the President's Physical Fitness Challenge in middle school. Remember the first week of gym and you do like 500 sit ups to beat the guy next to you? The following day you have to roll yourself out of bed to avoid using your abdominal muscles. Yeah, that's how I felt. No idea why, but it hurt. Now add that with some uterine contractions and it's not so fun!

We were piddling around and I decided to lay down and see if it would subside. Finally around midnight I started getting the full blown painful ugly labor-like contractions. They were getting more and more regular. John and I debated back and fourth on whether it was the real thing and all I knew is I wanted to go to sleep! We went through this with Maya's birth. I contracted every min & a half for three days straight without any progress. Thus the c-section.

John suggested a nice hot bath to see if it would ease the contractions. It would be a good litmus test to see if they were real or Braxton-Hicks contractions (aka - false labor). Thank God he convinced me to do that....after just a few min in the bathtub the contractions let up and I was able to relax.

At 1:30 or so I was finally able to lay back down and attempt to get some fitful sleep. Needless to say - when Maya goes down for her mid-afternoon nap....I'll be right next to her!

Hopefully tonight will be a bit better!

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  1. She blogs! Yay :)

    Braxton Hicks can be nasty things. Here's to hoping they stay far, far away in the next week. You're on the home stretch - hang in there :)