Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tomorrow is the big day!

I'm so very happy that delivery day has finally come.

Tomorrow we will head to the hospital for my c-section. I can't wait to finally meet him and kiss his little face. I can't wait to see who he looks like and if he will be as wild as Maya was as a newborn. I'm also gearing up for nursing again. The first three months were a struggle with Maya, but hopefully I've worked out all the kinks and he and I will do this like old pros. I've got all his clothes washed and put away, diapers are ready to go, and his crib is set up in his room. We've got the pack-n-play bassinet set up on our room for the first couple of weeks while I recover and I've got my Boppy handy! John's last day before his paternity leave is today. He will get to stay home with me for an extended period to take care of Maya, Me and bond with baby boy. I think we are ready.

I have spent most of the day running last min errands and I just finished sweeping, mopping and changing the sheets in our spare room. Whew! Good thing I'm feeling pretty well. Still a few things to tidy up before tomorrow, but all in all I think it's pretty much all done.

Thank Goodness for Grandmas! My mom, "Gran", is coming today to take care of Little Miss Maya while we are in the hospital. I'm sure they are going to have a ball. Lots of one on one time with the little monster while dad and I are tied up for a few days. John's mom, "Ya-ya", will come after we get settled back in after being released from the hospital. It's going to be so nice to have someone here to help out with the daily chores: cooking and cleaning - running errands. I'm so thankful they are able to come and stay with us for a little while. Plus I want to make sure Maya has plenty to do while John and I figure out how the new baby works!

Ok, back to cleaning, then I swear I'm done. No more for me for at least a few weeks.

Check back to see how it goes....


  1. I'm so excited for you!I love the newborn stage! I'll definately lift you guys up in prayer for the big day tomorrow!

  2. Yayyy!!! We're so excited for you guys. Praying that everything goes well.