Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby brother is coming soon.

I can't believe I'm going to "give birth" (via c-section) in 19 days. Not only do I have to have surgery, but then I have to recover quickly and mother this child immediately. It's such a scary prospect, but I know it's completely worth it.

We were looking at the video of our last ultrasound today and I'm just in awe of the little face, hands and heart we got to see on the monitor. I can't believe that John and I have created another little being. Maya is such an amazing kid and we love to watch her explore her world. I just can't get over the fact that we are going to have another child to watch and be in love with. It's so wonderful to know that the love I have for John has created two children.

Speaking of our first born....she is such a riot. I have laughed more because of her in the past week than I have in forever. She has really learned how to manipulate us. She comes up to us and gives us hugs and "kisses" (which consist of her putting her cheek to ours and saying "mmmmmmwwwwaaahhhh"). It's awfully cute. The only issue is she will give you a hug and a kiss right after she's done something that she knows she shouldn't have pulling on your ear or dropping food on the floor. It's hard to discipline a 14 month old as it is and then when she is pulling this act it's hard to stop laughing long enough to say "Maya Corinne - no mam!"

I'm hopeless.

Here's to another hopeful night of rest. I'm getting fewer and fewer of them since the baby is getting bigger and bigger.....wish me luck!

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  1. I'm getting so excited for you! What an awesome time! I can't wait to see him and know his name!
    On the Maya front, BEWARE: those little girls ARE manipulating! After having the two boys and now a girl...OH MY what a difference! Carli, at Maya's age would do the same thing when she'd do something wrong. Now, she says, "I sorry didn't mean too!You happy?" Shannon, I feel your's so hard to discipline them when they're so darn cute!