Saturday, January 17, 2009

Such a great birthday

After a rough start, my day kept getting better and better.

John came home for lunch and we were able to visit before I headed out to my favorite store - Target. I found some goodies for the babies and some nice new socks for myself. Oh the little things in life...

Anyway, that evening 5 of our dear friends came over and we all went to Red Hot & Blue in Flower Mound, TX for dinner. It was SO very yummy, and the company was so nice. We all chatted and laughed and told stories and just had a great time. I really couldn't have asked for a better evening.

John even made my birthday cake. German chocolate! It was perfect. (Sorry about that whole giving up caffeine Sandra - you really missed out!)

After dinner we all headed back out our house and visited some more. Everyone ended up leaving late and we all slept like rocks! It was great!!!

Thanks to everyone who called or sent me such sweet birthday greetings. I really appreciate all the warm thoughts on a very special day.

We're starting the final stretch. Only 5 more days until baby brother arrives. I'm so anxious to see his little squishy face and give him lots of baby kisses.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Anxious to see pictures of the new baby. I hope all goes well, I will be praying for you both.