Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Davis Whirl-wind

John flew in Friday for Sagan’s baptism on the 26th. . We spent Saturday going through the house and tying up all the potential loose ends. Sunday was Sagan’s big day and he was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have been more proud. He was baptized at our home church during a very emotional ceremony. As soon as worship was over we had a quick lunch with a few friends then whisked John off to the airport so he could return for training on Monday.

My Monday was a bit different. The movers were scheduled to be there between 8 – 9, but parts of Dallas flooded so they didn’t get there until after noon. As soon as they finally arrived they hit the floor running and made up as much time as possible. They had me going in 10 directions at once, while I was still trying to pack up the van as well. Thankfully my in-laws had arrived in the early morning hours and were there to entertain the babies while I was busy with the movers. They finished up around 7 Monday and promised Tuesday would be an earlier day.

Tuesday started around 6 am for me. The kids and I were in a hotel since my room was one of the first things to be packed & Sagan woke up every two hours from 2AM on. I finally gave up 6. I made it back to the house and the movers had already started. Yea! It was a VERY long hard day - emotionally, physically and mentally. Thankfully throughout the day I had visitors come and say their final “see you later” and give Maya a big hug. It was hard, but it made me feel very loved. I was still going through my head figuring out what I would need immediately and what we could live without while we are staying in temporary housing. We got the air freight off (items that will arrive in a week or so) and my van was finally totally packed up. The poor moving guys finally finished loading the last boxes around 11:15 Tuesday night.

Mom arrived bright and early on Wednesday. I picked her up from the airport and we immediately started on our way to Virginia. Thank God my in-laws were there to finish cleaning the house so it could be put on the market!!! (Thanks BJ & Skeets!) So, we start driving and other than a few stops to feed Sagan and let Maya run around for a bit we did some hard driving.

We made it all the way to East Memphis the first day. Granted when we got there the kids were fit to be tied and we were starving. It was so crazy and the kids were so tired this was the conversation I had with the front desk when someone had called to complain about the noise:

(Sagan screaming in the background)
Front Desk Guy: "Hello Miss, this is Sonny from the front desk."
Me: "yes?"
Front Desk Guy: "Oh, is the baby crying?"
Me: "YES!"
Front Desk Guy: "oh, well we've had some complaints from your neighbors, but I guess you can't control a baby can you?"
Me: "If I could I would"
Front Desk Guy: "Uh, ok...well....I'll move your neighbors"
Me: "thanks...BYE"

I hated to be so terse, but there was nothing I could do at that point other than try my best to calm them down and get them to go to bed. After a few rounds of me singing to each of them they both were down for the count. Whew! Mom crawled into her bed and was out like a light. I tried my best to do the same after thinking of everything I forgot to do at the house. Oh well. It was way too late now.

Thursday we had to WAKE the kids up. (guess they were very tired after all of their crying and screaming then night before) We got on the road and made good time all the way to the other side of Knoxville before we decided to stop for the night. Mom and I chatted the whole time and loved the scenery along the way. The trees were all in bloom and the mountains were lush and green! It was beautiful! We had a much more pleasant evening that night, and our little Motel 6 felt like the Hilton.

(Shenandoah Valley)

Friday we got away a little later than expected, but we made it all the way to Manassas by 7:30 with little or no hiccups! Thank goodness. John was there waiting for us when we arrived at our little extended stay hotel. He was such a great sight to see!

Mom unfortunately left early the next morning. Since then I’ve been checking out the area little by little. Seeing what I can find and attempting to make our little extended stay hotel room a little more like home.

So far so good.


  1. Whew! What a trip. I'm from Memphis and went to school in Knoxville and I know how long those drives are! I'm glad you made it safely to your husband and you can all be together now!!

    Amy Stokes

  2. Oh, and Sagan looks so handsome in his baptismal gown. Congratulations!