Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Christmas came early

It looks like Christmas exploded in our apartment/hotel room!!

We got our UAB today!! UAB in government terms means Unaccompanied Air Baggage. In mommy terms it means stuff we can live without for a few weeks, but would really like to have. Since we are in an extended stay hotel we don't have any of our "good stuff". I only brought what I couldn't live without & what could fit in my mommy van. Today, a wonderful day at the Davis house, our UAB arrived. At 8:10 this morning two wonderful men showed up with four HUGE boxes that contained all that is dear to us - not includeing little people and pets. 515 lbs worth. We got toys, and cribs, and books, and games, and colors, and clothes, and sandals, and CD players, and music, and our Wii (yea!)! Life is good.

Im busy organizing, but I just had to take time to celebrate.

So happy.

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  1. i am so gald that you now have some familiar things to make teh days go by with ease.