Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter week

Easter was so much fun this year. The kids and I went down to my mom and dad's for a week and everyone had a great time. Especially Maya. She played and played. She played with Gran, she played with Pop, she played with Gran & Pop's pup Jr. She danced and sang the entire week.

The only time she got bent out of shape was when we wouldn't let her play any longer.

We went to Easter service with my mom and dad at their little Episcopal church in Alice. It was a sweet service where all the children in the congregation "flowered the cross" before the processional. All of us cracked up because my child didn't demurely walk down the isle with her flower in hand, no she danced & pranced down the isle doing an occasional Charlie Chaplin walk while checking each pew to see if she needed to stop and chat with anyone. She's a riot. After church we all went to the fellowship hall and the children went into the court yard to hunt Easter Eggs. Maya found one egg then proceeded to put it in and out of her basket along with the pretty Easter grass.

This went on for about 10 min until she finally took out all the grass & the basket ended up on her head. Yup, that's my kid.

Sagan was an angel the entire time, no one even knew he was there until just after communion he got hungry and let everyone know!

Gidget didn't fare as well as the kids. She got a little beat up when she tangled with my parent's Rhodesian Ridgeback. She's been in and out of the vets office for a week, but seems to be on the mend and is in great spirits. She shocked me this afternoon and jumped onto her favorite purch - the back of the living room couch. I'm so glad! She's got a 2 X 3 inch open wound on her right shoulder that will take some time to heal but she is doing so much better than I expected. For a 13 year old mini dachshund she is such a fighter.

We also went to the Texas State Aquarium in Corpus. I think Maya really enjoyed it except when a big fish swam by and scared her!

So we made the 9 hour trip back from South TX and getting ready to get packed. I can't believe the movers will be here on the 27th!!! Ugh!!! Thankfully I don't have to pack, but I have to organize. It's a little stressful with the two kids and a wounded pup, but I think I can do it.

Sagan will be Baptized on the 26th of April at our little church. I'm very proud that he will wear my Great, Great, Great Grandfather's Christening gown just like Maya did. I can't wait to photograph him in it. Maybe I'll try to do that this weekend.

Anyway, I'm off to organize & clean some more....wish me luck!

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  1. the babies look sweet in their Easter outfits! It's good that you got to spend a week with your parents before your move. Okay, the video of Maya crying at the big fish, made me sad!I can't wait to see the baptism pictures! Lots of prayers to you for a stress free week/weekend/move! Update soon! Love!