Saturday, December 12, 2009

November & December

I've been horrible at posting lately. Could it have anything to do with a 10 month old and a two year old? Naaaa.....

Here are photos from our Thanksgiving holiday trip to Virginia beach and snow photos. My babies are so darn cute!!!

I highly reccomend everyone take a vacation for Thanksgiving next year. It was amazing. No scrubbing the house for the in-laws, no baking, broiling, and cooking. That means no cleaning up. We went to a fantastic dinner on Thanksgiving day and loved it all. My beds were made every day by housecleaning and we stayed at the Residence Inn (our new favorite hotels) and they make a bang-up awesome breakfast! It was fantastic. We got the run on Virginia Beach & Portsmouth because everyone else was gone. We went to a great Children's Museum and had a blast there, then got to see two different light displays with hardly any waiting at all because everyone was GONE! We got to see our friends Bob, Laura and Adele in Colonial Williamsburg and then came home rested and happy. It was a perfect Thanksgiving.

Beach Day

Lights on the Beach - we got to drive down the "boardwalk" to see the lights on Virginia Beach

Maya still hates Santa

Colonial Williamsburg

Snow day on Saturday December 5th.

Snow Princess by John and Maya

Maya and Sagan helping with the Christmas lights.

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