Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Babies

It's so hard to believe I'm the mother of two. Two beautiful perfect babies. Maya 15 months to the day older than her sweet brother Sagan. She loves him so much.

Maya's been wonderful welcoming her new brother into our home. She loves on him and hugs him and even gave him her very first kiss on the lips. I was so shocked and I think I teared up a bit. She always comes to us and gives us "air kisses" while making a "mmmwwah" sound. It's precious, but she actually bent down, and kissed Sagan's little forehead the other day. I think she is as much in love with him as I am.

We've had a few rough nights. After that huge storm that came through the other day we've all been suffering with sinus issues...worst of all Sagan. He had me up from 3 - 7 am last night snorting and sniffing. Poor fella. There isn't much I can do for him other than attempt to elevate his head, and try a few non-medical remedies. He's too young for any medications just yet. It just breaks my heart to hear him struggle. I was a blathering lunatic this morning on the phone with our pediatrician's nurse begging her to give me some advice..... something, anything to make it go away. She couldn't tell me anything I wasn't already doing. (sigh) Hopefully tonight with enough saline and a really elevated head we can get through the night with at least a little sleep.

With that being's time for my departure. Wish us luck tonight.

So long, fair well, auf Wiedersehen, Good Night.......

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  1. Shannon -- I love reading your blog. You've got two precious little angels. They are the cutest things. How perfect -- a boy AND a girl. The best of both worlds. Love all your photos -- hope all is going well.