Monday, July 12, 2010

Fruit Basket Turnover

It's been absolutely crazy in the Davis household the past few weeks.  Let me illustrate:

On the 29th of June we found out the owners of our rent house have decided not to renew our lease.  We have to be out by the 31st of July.  Fun stuff.  John is currently out of the country until later in the month, so I kinda freaked.  I realized I would have to find a new house and pack most of what we have to be ready when he got home.  The rental market in the DC Metro area is brutal.  It's a bidding process and you have to look good - Spotless. 

....and did I mention that I'm two months pregnant?  We found out a few weeks ago that I'm pregnant with baby #3.  YEA!!! We are very excited, but it does make moving a bit more difficult.  I'm having waves of nausea, but thankfully my OB put me on Zolfran and it helps quite a bit.  Now if only there were something to get my energy back!  I need it now.  Thankfully I'm just packing a little here and there so it's easy to work around, but more energy would make life easier.

New update!  I just got an email from the Realtor we are working with and a contract I put in on a house is more than likely getting approved!  Such a relief!  We'll be in a cute town home in West Springfield.  It's three levels, which will be interesting with 2 dogs and 2.5 babies, but maybe it will give me that little extra thigh work I need!  It's in a lovely neighborhood that is quiet, and seems family friendly.  Whew.... hopefully that is off the list and I can move onto the actual moving.

Maya and Sagan love the new house.  The climbed up and down the stairs while we were looking at it.  Needless to say baby gates will be placed at the top and bottom of both sets of stairs.  They will have a great playroom in the walk-out basement and the puppies will have a small yard that backs up to a great wooded area perfect for little walks. 

We spent the 4th of July with my sweet Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy.  He is living in Old Town Alexandria, Va in a great high rise right on the Potomac.  We got to see the Capitol 4th, the Gaylord's display and fireworks from all around Northern Virginia, and Maryland.  It was fantastic!

Lastly I had to share this.  Sagan has become quiet the entertainer.  He's started singing.  Yes, singing.  17 months old and he will repeat just about anything you say and now he's singing along side sister.  Yesterday I was able to get a little video of him singing "Twinkle Twinkle" and "I love being a princess" - it's a song from the Backyardigans.  Yes, this will haunt him for the rest of his life.  Now if you are wondering what he keeps saying - he is telling me "PUPPIES!" - it's what I get the kids to say so they will smile sweetly for photos.  Now when he sees the camera he automatically says "PUPPIES!".  Obviously a photographer's kids.



That's all for now.  Stay cool & hydrated in this crazy heat!


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  1. I love the "PUPPIES!" How cute is that. Good luck with the packing and moving.