Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fall is almost here

I can't believe I haven't posted since July, but it's kinda understandable...really ...I have an excuse!

We moved out of our temporary home in Manassas - the little hotel suite - on the 1st of August and moved into our little house in Springfield.

We didn't have any furniture for a week so we sat around in the cute pink deck chairs we bought for the 4th of July and the kids and dogs had the entire house to play in. The worst part was sleeping on a blow up mattress. Ugh. I'm just not a fan. I'll do it if I have to, but given a choice, give me my Thermarest, a pillow, blanket and I'll be happy. Thankfully the kids had their cribs so they were set and I had one pan, a good knife and some paper plates. I "made do" until our house hold effects (furniture & stuff) got here on the 5th. I called and begged the guy that arranges the delivery to bring it early and he somehow worked it out. Thank goodness. We weren't scheduled to get it until the 11th!

We've been unpacking for a little over a month now. The delivery of all the goods was a bit of a shock. They had to bring 4 separate trucks to deliver it. Granted they weren't all the big huge moving trucks, but they had crated up all of our stuff and it was an event. I had to direct traffic while my wonderful husband dealt with the kids. He was so great with them. I was so proud. It was an organizational disaster, but it all somehow fit.

We were totally shocked with how much stuff we had. I really should have taken photos of all the boxes stacked to the ceiling, but honestly I think I was a little embarrassed. SO MUCH STUFF. Needless to say we expanded to fill all 2833 square feet of our beautiful home in Denton, TX. It all had to fit in this 1400 square foot house. It wasn't pretty.

So it's been a month and we've tucked away just about everything except for several boxes in the dinning room. I've been avoiding them because I just don't know what to do with a lot of it. We are going to have one heck of a yard sale once I muddle through all of it.

Anyway, the kids are growing like weeds. Maya's little personality keeps blooming more and more. She's a stubborn, strong willed, sweet little girl who's almost two. She's officially sleeping in a big girl toddler bed because she kept crawling out of her crib. I was terrified she was going to break an arm or leg. She's doing so well and (knock on wood) I'm so proud of her. She also got her first haircut the other day. I think she looks cute!!!

Sagan is getting so big. Last time we were at the doctor he was already 21 lbs! He's only 7 months going on 8. He is an adorable ticklish little guy. He sleeps like a champ as well (knock on wood) and he loves to laugh with sister. They are really creating a strong bond. I'm sure soon they will be those siblings that have their own language (and possibly a secret hand shake! LOL)

I was able to find Maya a little playhouse the other day on and I've never seen her so happy! I love that she enjoys being outside!!!

Hopefully I can have the boxes knocked out soon and we can enjoy our little home. It's definitely a challenge with the kids during the day and the evening we both need the relaxation!

We really love the area and the weather can't be beat. I've had the windows open on and off for a couple of weeks. BUT, we sure do miss our friends and family back in Texas!!!!

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  1. We so miss "y'all" too! We are really trying to come up and visit. But until then, we will enjoy the pictures and this blog!